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Each cast listed below will have its own Instructional Video as well a Casting Manual. Each video and casting manual will have step by step easy to follow directions as if I were there helping you. The video's and manuals will be coming out soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email.

Upper Extremity Casts

Short Arm Cast
The short arm cast is the most important cast of the upper extremity. The short arm cast is considered by us as the foundation for all the upper extremity casts. In the video's and the short arm cast manuals, fiberglass is used in each cast.
Short Arm Thumb Spica Cast
The thumb spica cast. Over the past 8 years this is the cast that most of our students come to us for. When they leave our workshop, they can wrap one heck of a thumb spica cast. In our thumb spica video, we go through each little trick, step by step so that you can really benefit from watching it. This video is narrated to help you through each phase of this cast. The thumb spica manual is also very thorough with great pictures. You wont be disappointed.
Long Arm Cast
The long arm cast. The long arm cast is one of the easier casts to learn when doing upper extremity casting. However, you still need to be careful anytime you cross the elbow with fiberglass. Positioning is key to making a successful long arm cast. Your Doctor orders the position of your long arm cast and now it is up to you to apply the long arm cast in the correct position. Typically, the majority of your patients are young, and what I like to refer to as the 'wiggle worms'. In our long arm casting video, we teach you little tricks that can help you watch rotation, flexion and your casting borders all at once while you are applying the cast. The long arm cast manual does the same thing. The manual is very thorough with many descriptive pictures. This video is also narrated. You will not be disappointed.
Muenster Cast
The Munster cast. This is a unique cast. The Doctor you are working with determines the indications for this cast. The surgeons I work with typically will use this cast in both bone forearm fractures in kids. Adults I have seen this cast used with scaphoid fractures, radial styloid fractures and distal radius fractures. The Munster cast is a fun cast to apply. Our Munster cast video will go through step by step and show you in detail how to apply this cast. Our Munster cast manual will do the same with lots and many detailed pictures. The borders and molding is important with this cast. You will not be disappointed with our Munster casting video.
Munster Thumb Spica Cast
The Munster thumb spica cast. The Munster thumb spica casts is a lot to say and a lot to do for one cast. There are so many things to think about and so many things to watch for. The Munster thumb spica cast video will help you wrap this cast with ease. We go in depth with the step by step without missing a thing. You will feel like you were in one of our casting workshops. We will show you how to approach this cast with confidence and be able to avoid the common pitfalls when applying the Munster thumb spica cast. You will not be disappointed with the Munster thumb spica cast video. If you would like to have a Munster thumb spica cast manual, it offers the same in depth coverage and pictures that help explain in detail that your every step should be. If you are not sure, order both.
Long Arm Thumb Spica Cast
The long arm thumb spica cast can be overwhelming if you let it. In our long arm thumb spica cast video we go through each phase of the cast and break it down step by step. We inform you on what you should be looking for and what bad habits not to fall into. Anytime you cross a joint caution needs to be taken. We help you with this and teach you little tricks that you wont forget. Keep in mind the long arm thumb spica video is narrated step by step. The long arm thumb spica manual is a highly detailed step by step manual that walks you through without losing you in the process. You wont be disappointed
Radial Gutter Cast
The radial gutter cast. The radial gutter cast is very similar to the ulnar gutter cast except the radial gutter cast is on the radius side of the wrist and hand. The radial gutter includes the index and long finger. Most commonly used in metacarpal fractures, but will also be used in treating phalanx fractures as well. The radial gutter cast video is very informative and narrated very well so that you can follow along while you are doing your own radial gutter cast. The manual for the radial gutter has many action specific photos to help you with the little tricks we have come up with over the past 8 years. The radial gutter cast does not have too be a hard cast to apply. By following our systematic instructions, you will be able to wrap a radial gutter cast with ease. You will not be disappointed.
Ulnar Gutter Cast
The ulnar gutter cast. This cast is probably one of the more technical casts that you will put on. The ulnar gutter cast is designed to immobilize the ring and little finger as well as the wrist. Depending on its indication, it usually includes the IP joints of the ring and small fingers with the MP's flexed and IP's extended. The wrist is also extended as well. Our Ulnar gutter cast video will go into detail step by step instruction to make this cast not seem so difficult. The ulnar gutter cast manual is just as good with many step by step pictures of the ulna gutter cast. You will not be disappointed.

Lower Extremity Casts

Short Leg Cast
Short leg cast. The short leg cast, just like the short arm cast, is the foundation for all the lower extremity casts. Each lower extremity cast that you will applying; you will wrap a short leg cast. The nice thing about the short leg cast and all the lower extremity casts, is there is no thumb. It makes the lower extremity so much easier to wrap. The key thing with lower extremity casts, is the ankle joint and fore foot. Positioning is so crucial. In our short leg casting video we do cover positioning, things to watch out for, the most common pitfalls in wrapping the short leg cast. The video is narrated and shot in a way that you do not miss a thing. Our short leg casting manual is just the same. Every picture catches the important steps in wrapping a short leg cast. You will not be disappointed.
Long Leg Cast
Long leg cast. The long leg cast is a difficult cast to apply for even the veteran cast technician. The long leg fiberglass cast is usually applied to a patient in your office that is pain. The fracture of the tibia, or fracture of the tibia and the fibula, or tibial plateau fracture. Either way, your patient is not comfortable, and your Doctor just asked you to put this patient in a long leg cast. Over the years, we have come up with a long leg casting technique that will allow you to do this cast all by yourself with no help. Your patient will thankful that you did the cast without causing a lot of pain. Our long leg casting video will give you the step by step technique that we use in our clinic all the time. We have yet to have a patient faint or become agitated with us. The long leg cast is narrated clearly and precisely. In addition, the long leg cast manual is just as good as the long leg cast video. Both will have you wrapping a long leg cast with ease. You will not be disappointed.

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